Thomas Lewis

Thomas Lewis was probably born before 1725 in England. It is not known if he came to America, but three of his sons (William Langston, Peter, and John) settled in Guilford (later Rockingham) County, North Carolina before the American Revolution. The name of Thomas Lewis's wife is unknown

William Langston Lewis was born about 1748. He was a Sergeant in the American Revolution in Capt. John Leak's Company, Col. James Martin's Regiment, and fought in the Battle of Moore's Creek (North Carolina) on 27 February 1776. He married around 1770 to Sarah Vernon (probably a daughter of James and Eleanor Vernon).William died in 1787 in Rockingham County, North Carolina

Thomas's son Peter Lewis was born in 1751, and served in the American Revolution as a Private in Capt. Peter O'Neal's Company, Porterfield's Regiment. He lived on the Lick Fork of Hogan's Creek in eastern  Rockingham County, North Carolina. Nothing is known about Peter's first wife, but his second marriage was to Katherine Strader (a daughter of Johannes Conrad Strader of Caswell County, North Carolina). Peter and his family moved to Georgia, probably in the 1790s, eventually settling in what is now Henry County in the 1820s. He died in Henry County, Georgia in 1829.

Thomas Lewis's son John Lewis was born about 1760. He enlisted in 1778 and served in the American Revolution as a Private, first in Capt. Montfort's Company, then in Capt. William Bethell's Company, and then in Capt. Mills' Company. In 1783, John Lewis married to Sarah Nichols (a daughter of James and Elsie Nichols). They lived on the Haw River on both sides of Little Troublesome Creek in southeastern Rockingham County, North Carolina, and were among the founders of Lowe's Methodist Church. He left a will in Rockingham County in 1802.

The book, FIRST FAMILIES OF HENRY COUNTY, GEORGIA, by Joseph Henry Hightower Moore (McDonough, GA: The Genealogical Society of Henry and Clayton Counties, Georgia, Inc., 1992) contains a comprehensive article on Thomas Lewis's descendants (especially the branches in Georgia), written by Charles Lewis Bausch (a descendant of Peter Lewis).

Thomas Lewis probably had other children, but they have not yet been identified.

Here are listings of known descendants of Thomas Lewis (through five generations):

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Descendants of William Langston Lewis (#1) & Sarah Vernon (text file; 2 KB; 16 Jan 1999)
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Descendants of John Lewis (#3) & Sarah Nichols (text file; 2 KB; 16 Apr 1999)

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